People with Learning Disabilities die on average 16 years earlier than other people.

According to Mencap, people with Learning Disabilities are dying because of health inequalities and institutional discrimination in the NHS.

This phenomenon has been in the public knowledge since the early 1970s and is extensively documented in research, policy, legislation, a public enquiry report and best practice guidance but the death toll continues to rise.

1200 people with Learning Disabilities die every year in England with illnesses that are amenable to treatment.

This means there is a scandal on the same scale as the mid-Staffordshire failings every year for people with Learning Disabilities.

There aren't enough words to describe these inequalities and our failure to translate ‘lessons learnt’ into meaningful change.

Having lost my brother to this phenomenon I can't join the sleepwalkers.

I don't have the answers but I hope that asking questions is a start.

I am a Learning Disabilities Clinical Psychologist but everything in this blog is my personal opinion.

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  1. Most atrocities including the multitude of routine gross misconducts and gross incompetences are knowingly covered up by Charity executives. People trying to expose are bullied, harrassed and can have their health and lives deliberately and tactically destroyed with full knowledge along the command chain including CEOs being fully complicit.
    Whistleblowers are strategically forced under extreme duress to sign gagging clauses within unavoidable exit settlement agreements.
    I would like charities to publish their lists of settlement agreements and associated solicitor costs. Some of the most corrupt and dishonerable people I have met are involved at the highest level within charities. It really makes me sick to see these scum posing with their corrupt, sick, false grins.